PVR Privilege – India’s First Fully Digital Cinema Loyalty Program

When we think of 5-star movie watching experience, multiplexes or luxurious cinema viewing, the name that comes first in our minds is undoubtedly PVR Cinemas. PVR Cinemas, which is India’s largest cinema chain has launched the country’s first Fully Digital loyalty program. The company is calling the new loyalty program as PVR Privilege Program which offers members first class redemption opportunities with some enhanced benefits. The program was unveiled by Bollywood superstar, Aamir Khan & his co-star Zaira Wasim from Secret Superstar.

PVR Privilege programme is a result of an extensive consumer research. It will give reward points on each purchase of tickets or even food & beverages that can be easily redeemed through both offline as well as online. All we need to do is to walk in with the virtual card on our phones.

What is PVR Privilege?

PVR Privilege programme is India’s first fully digital cinema loyalty program & features first-in-category Virtual card, and QR-code powered vouchers for a fantastic and seamless interaction. It offers the following consumer privileges & benefits:

  • Reward points on each purchase of tickets or food and beverages
  • Automated conversion of Reward points into vouchers that can be used to pay for tickets and F&B
  • Personalized offers, and services at cinemas
  • Bonus points during special occasions
  • Easy to use, with a QR-code based virtual card in App, Website and at Cinemas

PVR Privilege is available at all PVR cinemas across the country (with the exception of PVR Directors’ Cut and PVR Opulent Mall, Ghaziabad), and members’ points and rewards are valid across all participating properties.

How to Enroll

You need to give only a handful of details to register into PVR Privilege and make payment of INR 300 in order to activate membership post which each one of us will be getting F&B vouchers worth INR 300 on our mobile phone in lieu of the activation fee.

PVR Privilege comes with no membership fee and you no need to even bother about any physical card and it’s a virtual card which can be retrieved via SMS link or inside the app.

How to Accrue

You will be required to scan your virtual card at the cinema on every transaction in order to get points credited into your account and people who are transacting from website or mobile app get their points automatically accrued against their mobile number.

Simple Redemption

Whenever your points balance exceeds 50, your 50 points get converted into a voucher worth INR 50 which you can easily scan at nearest PVR cinema to apply; and for online or mobile app you will get an auto-prompt for voucher application.

With PVR Privilege, we must say the way entertainment is delivered and consumed in India is going to change.

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