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No matter expensive or not, there comes a time when you are left with no choice but to dispose of the product. From phones to laptops, everything depreciates with time. There could be ample amount of reasons why one would want to sell the old product and buy a new one. Sometimes, the products do not cooperate and leave us with no choice but to sell. Other times, to match the steps with the new technology and upgradations, we are leave with no choice but to sell the old and buy the new one. It is always advisable to first sell the old products and get some cash in hand immediately and then buy the new one. This way the financial burden will be reduced to a great extent. From my own personal experience, I would really emphasize on the point that always use some online help services to sell the old and distorted products.


After my first and apparently last experience, I would never go and sell my products without the help of cashify. I got so annoyed that I never actually sold my phone. I gave up in the midway and backed out. The process was absolutely lethargic.

I had Iphone5, 32 GB of white color. I decided to sell it because I wanted to buy a new phone on my birthday. Being a tyro in this race, I went to a local newspaper and asked them to publish my advertisement. I got a few calls. I didn’t know how to sought and select the final buyer. I decided that the one to call me first would and should get the phone. I called the customer right away and asked him to meet me. A small tiff occurred as to where will we meet for the transaction. We, after much negotiation agreed on a common place. I met him and after meeting, we realized we didn’t quote our prices before. Imagine, we were standing at a place ready to transact without actually quoting the prices. I had no courage or energy to argue with him over a price and then I decided to leave. I said I don’t want to sell the phone and came back. I was so exhausted that I gave up. I was disappointed and after 2-3 days my friend told me about Cashify. The relief after selling my phone with the help of cashify cannot be put into words.

What is Cashify?

It is a way of selling the old phones or laptops for instant cash. There is absolutely nothing to worry when you have cashify with you. Instead of brooding and getting frustrated with the cumbersome procedure of doing this work on your own, it is always better and recommended that you choose an expertise for the work. Cashify makes the task simpler and easier. You can get the right buyer for your product and you wouldn’t have to do much. No arguments or long waiting, a right click and the work is done.

Now that it is the season of festivals, cashify has come amazing deal and opportunities to offer. Diwali is round the corner. It is a great time to buy the new things by disposing of the old ones. Diwali is a great excuse to actually clean the house and buy some great products at affordable prices. The services provided by cashify will make you want to immediately sell the old and broken products. You will have a door to door service available. The delivery man will come at your doorstep. So, the option of you going out to sell the product would be ruled out. The sale of the product at your quoted price is guaranteed. You will absolutely get what you want. Also, there is no chance for the default in the payment. Instant cash will be provided to you. There is no room for delay in anything.

What’s better start than Diwali to use cashify and experience. Instead of having a quirky experience like me, use cashify and experience the best for yourself. I learned it the hard way, the experience is coming from the horse’s mouth itself. Also, prevention is any day better than cure. Cashify is here to make your work simple. Why do something when you have absolutely no knowledge about it. Instead of wasting time, delegate the work to cashify. You will get the best possible results that will obviously match up with your expectations. What are you waiting for? This Diwali season, go and #Cleanupcashout with cashify!

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