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The only thing a Sagittarius is afraid of is not trying new things

So here I am in the world of Express your thoughts in words!

Welcome to The Wordly Confusion. I’m Puneet Bansal, a simple but yet exciting guy based out of Delhi. I am a writer by hobby, Photographer by passion, Poet by mood and HR by profession.

Confused? Yeah thats why my Blog’s name is “The Wordly Confusion”

The Wordly Confusion is one stop destination for fashion, lifestyle, tech, travel, food and everything else that you want to read. It helps brands to reach more people organically and deliver the brand’s message in the most effective manner.

We use Canon 120D DSLR for our shoots and provide as many original pictures as possible depending on the requirements of the brand.

And so while we write our own content, we also work with PR for any special coverage, brand collaboration, product review, event coverage, customized/curated content, Brand/Blog Contests, Blogger Outreach program, Social media campaigns, Twitter contests and lots more

At TWC we look forward to long-term associations which benefit the brand and the people both. For more queries feel free to drop a mail at or Contact us here.




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